For Companies

c-level42 is designed for companies which are looking to actively benefit from the paradigm shift in the job market, achieve a competitive advantage through their employees and also identify new opportunities in the recruitment market.

We have developed four win-win-concepts for co-operating partners who would like to provide value-added services for their intended target audience (the "experienced professionals"). We would love to discuss these concepts with you in person and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our offer to companies

The individual career guidance is highly customised. Nevertheless, the programme (consulting cycle) ensures fundamental understanding and guidance in equal measure. The web-based handling process combined with specific training ensures that our career guides are highly qualified. This means that our service is quality-assured and scalable which enables it to be used in a comparative manner for a big group of employees.

Our services are implemented to work seamlessly alongside existing leadership and HR tools. HR resources and managers will find their load is lightened but will need to continue to carry out their responsibilities.

Link our customised career guidance with training offers and intra-company job options. The integration of these two career aspects creates a meaningful service for your employees from a single source and relieves the existing structures or rather facilitates a further optimisation through a neutral entity.

Bind potential employees emotionally to your company and create a space for interaction. Target audiences are "the candidates who came in second" in the selection process, those who have left and who the company would like to rehire, conscious support of those wanting “time off to travel and work abroad" or the continuation of an already established or creation of a new external talent pool.

As a Service

This is a service for your employees centrally designed by us and your company. The level and scope of the service are defined, reporting creates transparency and the external platform which is provided by us guarantees confidentiality of conversations between employee and career guide.

Integration Lifelong Learning

A training need which is identified in conversations between employee and career guide can be the impulse for your employee’s individual training plan. Benefit from our access to training providers, our market overview and selection competence as well as our handling processes.

Integration Placement

Companies of a certain size also benefit from a functional internal job market. Within the centrally pre-defined compliance rules we also act as a mediator between (potential) vacancies and employees, initially anonymously and therefore confidentially for the employee.

External Talentpool

We jointly develop a "well-rounded" offer for external candidates which comprises individual career guidance as well as an individual and confidential interactive interface (online and offline) between your company and the candidate.

Also benefit from our contacts with universities and colleges. Use our service to network with students who are not yet part of your recruiting pipeline.